Requirements for Recognition

In order to receive UMBC recognition, a student group must submit to Campus Life:
  • A current New Student Organization Application, which must contain the name and contact information of at least five UMBC undergraduates who are interested in creating or actively participating in the organization.
  • At least three of these students must be designated as officers: one to serve as the
    organization’s official representative for communicating with SGA and UMBC staff (referred
    to here as ‘President’), one to assume the role of President in the event of the
    President’s absence or incapacity (referred to here as ‘Vice President’), and one to manage the organization’s funds and ensure compliance with all financial rules and guidelines (referred to here as ‘Treasurer’). The titles and responsibilities of officers shall be outlined in the organization’s
    constitution. Officers are responsible for all affairs of the organizations and for attending any
    mandatory SGA or Campus Life training sessions.
  • A current copy of the organization’s constitution, which should include clauses explaining
    who is eligible to become a member of the organization, the process by which officers are
    selected and may be removed, and the process by which the constitution is adopted or
  • A statement by the faculty/staff member agreeing to serve as an advisor.
  • Affirmation by the President of the organization that at least 100% of its members are UMBC undergraduates.
  • Affirmation by the President of the organization that officers and members will not use the
    organization, or the process of founding the organization, for private financial gain.
  • In the case of organizations created for the purpose of recognizing and supporting students
    who have distinguished themselves through scholarship and academic achievement (referred
    to here as Honor Societies), a statement from the chair of a UMBC department
    agreeing that the department will sponsor the organization.
  • In the case of organizations intending to engage in activities defined in the Club Sports
    Management document as restricted to Club Sports, a statement from the Athletics
    Department affirming its intention to recognize the organization.
  • In the case of fraternities and sororities, a statement from the Coordinator of Campus Life for
    Fraternities and Sororities affirming that Campus Life intends to recognize the organization as
    a Greek Life organization.