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Mosaic Center

The Mosaic: Center for Culture and Diversity

The Mosaic Center is dedicated to creating an environment that supports cross-cultural education and collaboration at UMBC. We invite you to join us in our commitment to empowering all UMBC students and staff to be culturally conscious and informed members of our community. A safe and inclusive space for students and staff of all backgrounds, the Mosaic Center strives to develop innovative programs and initiatives that celebrate cultural diversity, equality, and social justice.

Mosaic Center Location & Hours

myUMBC Group, for events and more info about the Mosaic Center and all things currently happening

Diversity Resource Calendar – An online calendar for the UMBC community that provides detailed information on U.S. American and global holidays, customs, events, heritage months and ethnic-specific recipes.

Student Groups – Cultural/Ethnic

Many student organizations are already established for you to investigate or join! Please visit the List of Student Orgs and sort to view the Cultural/Ethnic category.

Diversity Resources on Campus

Here are some campus-wide diversity, equity and inclusion-focused departments, centers and other resources you might find useful: