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Staff & Student Support

Meet the staff, students, & committees that support student organizations.


Student Organization Support

Student Organizations Staff

Courtney Campbell – Coordinator for Student Organization Development

Tori Heasley – Coordinator for Student Organization Engagement

Campus Life Staff Support

Britt Spears – Coordinator for Student Event Advising

David Royer – Accounting Associate, Student Affairs Business Services Center

SGA Support

Zane Poffenberger – SGA Vice President for Student Organizations (VPSO)

Carly Socha – SGA Treasurer

Daniel Wang – Chair of the Finance Board

Upcoming – Coordinator for Student Organization Support Team


The Student Organizations Committee (SOC)

The SOC is composed of up to three staff members (who are selected by the Director of Campus Life) and three SGA representatives, including the SGA Vice President for Student Organizations, the Chair of the SGA Finance Board, and another student (nominated by the SGA President and approved by the SGA Senate). In addition, the SGA President and Executive Vice President shall serve as ex-officio, non-voting members. The SOC works with students in a variety of ways:

  1. Guiding UMBC undergraduate students in establishing officially recognized student organizations, including making recommendations for recognition to the Director of Campus Life;
  2. Reviewing and approving organizations’ constitutional amendments;
  3. Making recommendations for revocation of recognition to the Director of Campus Life;
  4. Exploring a variety of issues with student organization leaders and campus partners in order to improve processes and practices.


The Equipment Committee

The Equipment Committee works with the SGA Finance Board to review funding requests made by student organizations for equipment. It is a group comprised of Campus Life staff and SGA representatives who asses these requests before the Finance Board receives the review and makes the determination of funding.


The Club Sports Committee

Committee Composition:
The Club Sports Committee includes two members appointed by the Director of Athletics, two members appointed by the Director of Campus Life, one member appointed by the Club Sports Council and one member appointed by the SGA Vice President for Student Organizations. The Committee operates by consensus, and informs the Director of Athletics and Director of Campus Life of any issues on which a consensus cannot be reached.

Committee Process:
Twice each semester, the Committee meets to discuss and make recommendations regarding whether the University and Athletics & Recreation community can support the addition of proposed Club Sports from the waitlist. The Committee weighs multiple factors in making this determination, including, but not limited to, the availability of space and funding. In addition, the Committee will take the following into account:

    1. Why does the club need to be recognized under the Athletic & Recreation Department?
    2. Are there interested students/staff to hold the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Advisor?
    3. Will the club be active in the form of continually holding practices, competition, classes, and seminars?
    4. Is there a similar club currently active on campus?
    5. Does this club provide opportunities substantially different from those provided by already existing clubs?
    6. Is there sufficient support and interest from students, staff, or faculty beyond the students proposing to start the organization?