Leadership Development

Leadership is partly about making decisions and managing people and processes. But it’s also about identifying your values and goals, creating authentic relationships with others, understanding and embracing diversity, and seeking to develop and apply interpersonal skills. What kind of leader are you, and what kind of leader do you want to be?

Student Life offers a variety of resources to help you develop into an amazing organizer, motivator, manager and catalyst for change. Here you can learn:

  • more about yourself
  • how to interact effectively in teams and groups
  • ways to make ethical decisions
  • how to have a positive impact on your local and global communities

Vision for Student Leadership

All UMBC students will develop as effective, ethical leaders in their personal and professional lives. As a result of their leadership education and development, UMBC students will have a positive impact on the world, both locally and globally.


Every UMBC student will be aware of their capacity to lead, and the paths to deep learning that will help them succeed as effective ethical leaders.

Programming Updates

The Campus Life myUMBC is designed to be your virtual one-stop shop for monthly Campus Life Leadership Programming updates, with hyperlinks and registrations readily available. Additionally, make sure to visit the Programs and Retreats tab for a list of our signature programs and workshops! For questions, to subscribe to our myUMBC, or to submit leadership opportunities from other areas of campus, contact Beatriz Gutiérrez-Malagón at bgutierrez@umbc.edu

Student Leadership Learning Goals

In order to move towards our vision and mission we facilitate student Intrapersonal (self) Development, Interpersonal Competence, and Cognitive Complexity and Lifelong Learning through curricular and co-curricular paths in collaboration with campus partners.

Intrapersonal Development

  • Develop self-knowledge through reflection, self-assessment and feedback from others
  • Act with integrity and sound ethical reasoning
  • Establish a spiritual identity
  • Maintain health, self-respect and wellness
  • Find purpose in academic and campus involvement as well as after graduation
  • Set and pursue self-determined goals

Interpersonal Development

  • Build and maintain meaningful relationships
  • Practice interdependence, i.e. building reciprocal relationships to solve problems and create strong community.
  • Collaborate with others to pursue goals and create positive social change
  • Understand and embrace cultural and human differences
  • Communicate effectively with individuals and with groups
  • Understand global perspectives

Cognitive Complexity and Lifelong Learning

  • Practice reflective and critical thinking
  • Apply learning to academics and student organizations and to solving community issues
  • Incorporate multiple perspectives into creative problem solving

Investigate these resources to jumpstart your growth as a leader!