Funding & Finances

About the Student Affairs Business Services Center (SABSC)

When purchasing items at the business center there are several things you must prepare in order to make the meeting go quickly and efficiently. Firstly you must select the items online the night before. This is important because sites such as Amazon have frequent price fluctuations. If you plan your items too far in advance the prices may increase and cause issues at the meeting. Also, make sure that your club has enough money to purchase the items by checking your account balance. It is also important to pay close attention to when the item will be arriving. Many items online are shipped from China and may take months to arrive. Check the seller and shipping information of each item to make sure the items will arrive well in advance of your event.

Remember that the transaction must take place on the business center computer and not your personal computer. Business center staff will not enter UMBC credit card information into your personal computer. In order to make the online shopping cart transition smooth, have a plan such as emailing yourself the link to each item. That way you can log in to your email on the business center computer and quickly find each item.

When selecting items for purchase use as few vendors as possible. Check Amazon first because it is easiest for the business center. Avoid Walmart and international vendors. The business center has a list of items that cannot be purchased during a meeting. Some of these items can still be purchased, however, the business center will have to do an alternate payment method that takes 4-6 weeks.

If you’re a member of a student organization and you’re unfamiliar with the SGA Finance Board process, it is recommended that you meet with the Student Organizations Support Team ( The team will give you guidance and advice on how to have a successful Finance Board meeting. The Finance Board decides whether or not your organization receives funding, which means it is imperative that proper conduct and explanations are given. You must define your purchases and clearly state why they are necessary to the success of your event and mission.

Meeting Itinerary

  1. Introductions/brief conversation about your student organization and its mission: 1 – 3 minutes.
  2. Brief description of your request and why it is important that your request be funded.
  3. Finance Board asks questions to understand the nature of the request.
  4. Finance Board deliberates and votes on the request (representatives of student organizations are not able to participate in this discussion, but are encouraged to remain in the room).

Check List

  • Was there an effort made to collaborate? Are you including the UMBC community and other student organizations?
  • Is there quality and quantity of student participation in the event?
  • Is the funding of certain items necessary for the event/program’s success?
  • Was an effort made by the organization to contribute to the event themselves? (monetary efforts as well as hours of planning)
  • Were past events successful? If not, explain what went wrong and how you’ve improved.
  • Were you on time? Ensure that you show up on time to your Finance Board meeting.
  • Did you use your time effectively? Be concise in your explanations.

In order to receive reimbursement after an event these must be brought to the Student Affairs Business Services Center (SABSC) in 337, The Commons:

  • Post Event Form
  • Original Receipts (see lost my receipt)
  • Event flyer
  • Bank statement showing the charge as backup documentation
  • Sales tax can never be reimbursed (see tax exemption on how to get sales tax removed)
  • Items that were not shipped to the Student Affairs Business Service Center cannot be reimbursed (see correct shipping address)
  • First-time reimburses will need to fill out a New Supplier Vendor DocuSign Form and attach a completed W9 before reimbursement can be processed.

If the person being reimbursed is on payroll, then UMBC will issue the reimbursement in their paycheck. If they are not on payroll, then they will be paid by paper check mailed to their address. Most reimbursements take at least 4 – 6 weeks to arrive. See this reimbursement information if you are wondering when the reimbursement will arrive.

Please be aware that the reimbursement process takes at least 4 – 6 weeks. The check will usually come in around the 4th or 5th week, but be patient if it doesn’t. If the paperwork wasn’t done correctly and had to be amended it will take longer. If the reimbursement is coming by direct deposit, it will be more likely to come in around 4 weeks, however, it depends on where in the pay cycle and reimbursement process your order was placed. The timing may cause it to come in at 5 – 6 weeks or more.

When a student organization becomes officially recognized by UMBC it is not automatically given a chartstring. In order to get a chartstring, a student organization must show financial need for one. Once a student organization has funds, an officer or member can come to the Student Affairs Business Service Center (337, The Commons) and make a deposit. The Business Center will put the money in a holding account while the chartstring/carryover account is prepared. Funds will be transferred once the chartstring/carryover account exists and the student organization will be notified of the new chartstring.

Each organization is responsible for securing sufficient funds for their events and activities. These funds can come from a variety of sources as described below. It is important to engage your faculty or staff advisor(s) in conversations about your funding needs and plans. Large events and significant expenses should be planned for at least 1-2 semesters in advance.

If your event requires funds, the Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC) must confirm that your organization has sufficient funds in its account at least 10 business days prior to your event. Contact the SABSC shared mailbox ( for any questions about your account and chartstring number, which is utilized for any financial and/or room reservation requests.

SGA funding

If your organization is planning on requesting funds from the SGA Finance Board, an Allocation Request Form must be filled out and submitted by the stipulated deadline. Allocation request deadlines depend on the amount of funds you will be requesting. If you would like to make changes to a request that has been already submitted, please contact the SGA Treasurer.

All organization treasurers must complete Treasurer Training, an in-person, hour-long training led by the SGA Treasurer and the Financial Support Team. The training will walk student organization treasurers through the SGA Allocation Request Process, offering tips for navigating Finance Board meetings and information on how organizations can raise and spend funds while following applicable laws and policies. The SGA Treasurer contacts all student organization treasurers in the beginning of the academic year to announce Treasurer Training dates and times. Treasurers who need to complete Treasurer Training after these initial dates, can contact the SGA Treasurer directly to schedule training.


UMBC offers tools and guidance for student leaders to conduct a crowdfunding campaign.  The Office of Institutional Advancement is the fundraising office for the University. While student leaders are responsible for their own fundraising, staff in OIA can help you get started with a crowdfunding campaign, and provide guidance on your fundraising initiative. Email for more information.


Student organizations are not permitted to provide UMBC tax ID numbers or the UMBC Foundation tax ID for the purpose of fundraising without approval from Campus Life. Sharing this number in unauthorized ways may violate tax law.

When fundraising on campus, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Reserve the space/table at a designated location through a 25Live reservation.
  2. Schedule a Student Org appointment and fill out the Cash Box information within the appointment page to secure a Cash Box for the event.
  3. Cash Box should be picked up and dropped off at the Student Affairs Business Services Center, 337, The Commons.
  4. When you pick up the cash box you must also provide the following items:
    1. Flyer from event/fundraiser including what the raised funds will go towards
    2. If donating funds to a charity/nonprofit organization you must also submit:
      1. A flyer for the fundraiser that specifies the name of the charity and what percentage of funds will be donated
      2. A letter/e-mail from the charity/nonprofit agreeing to accept the donation. The letter should include: the name of the student organization, the name of the nonprofit/charity and contact person, date of fundraiser
      3. After the fundraiser:
        • All money received must be collected in the cash box and brought to the Student Affairs Business Services Center or dropped in one of The Commons safes IMMEDIATELY following the event.
        • In order for a check to be cut for a charity/nonprofit, the student organization must complete a RESGAF (signed by the president or treasurer). The RESGAF can be obtained from the Student Affairs Business Service Center. This must happen no later than 10 days after the cash box is returned.

When fundraising off-campus, please keep the following information in mind:

  • Any funds raised off-campus must also be turned in to the Student Affairs Business Service Center, with the appropriate flyer. If the funds are going to a charity, you will also need to include a letter of acceptance from the charity, as outlined in the on-campus fundraising section.
  • If a business/organization/individual is donating funds to your organization they must make the check out to UMBC and include your organization’s name in the memo section. Please be sure to bring the check to the Student Affairs Business Service Center immediately or have it mailed to:
    • Attn: SABSC
      1000 Hilltop Circle
      Commons 335
      Baltimore, MD 21250

There are three ways for a student organization to spend carryover funds:

  1. Purchasing items through the Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC)

    In order to purchase items through SABSC fill out a RESGAF (via DocuSign or physical copy) and set up a Student Org appointment with SABSC through Google Calendar. This is the preferred way to spend carryover because SABSC will ensure that purchases are done correctly. See how to prepare for your SABSC meeting.

  2. Buying items upfront and getting reimbursed

    You can buy items upfront and get reimbursed through your carryover account; however, the SGA Finance Board does not fund reimbursements. The risk of purchasing items and seeking reimbursement is that you may misplace a receipt, buy an item that cannot be reimbursed, forget to remove the sales tax, or buy items for which you do not have sufficient funds. In these scenarios reimbursement might not be possible. Be sure to check the list of items that cannot be purchased and verify any questionable items. Remember that UMBC will not reimburse tax. Use the tax exemption certificate to have the tax removed before you make a purchase. Additionally, be sure to understand how reimbursement works.

  3. Purchasing items through SABSC via purchase order

    If you need an item that is on the list of prohibited items or exceeds $5,000 you might still be able to purchase it. Talk to the staff at SABSC or email to see if a purchase order can be used. Keep in mind that purchase orders take 4 – 6 weeks to complete.

It is each student organization’s responsibility to keep track of their own account balance. However, if you lose track of it or want verification, student organization officers can contact the Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC) by email (, phone (410-455-1784), or in person (337, The Commons).

UMBC is a tax-exempt organization so whenever purchases are made the tax should always be removed. As a student organization officer or member making purchases online or in person, the UMBC tax exemption form must always be on hand to remove the tax. If you are shopping in a physical store, it may be easier to visit customer service as the employees at the register will most likely be unfamiliar with tax exemption. If the purchase is not in a store, call your representative and tell them that you have a tax exemption certificate.

Sometimes store managers will be skeptical because they are not used to college-aged people receiving tax exemption. If this is the case you must be firm. Do not give them your card until they honor the tax exemption certificate. If you need help with this and you are making a purchase during normal Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC) hours (8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Monday – Friday) you can call Accounting Associate to verify with the store manager. You can also have Accounting Associate attach their business card to the tax-exempt form before you go to the store. If you accidentally made a purchase with tax speak to the store manager and ask them to refund you the tax. That situation is not ideal and must be avoided as the store manager may make it difficult.

***If tax is on any receipt, UMBC will not reimburse the tax amount. No exceptions.***

Receipts that are needed for reimbursement can easily get lost or mistaken for trash. If a receipt is lost ask the vendor if they can provide a copy. Usually vendors hang on to their copy of receipts and will be able to help. In some circumstances, such as paying through Venmo or an online app, no receipt will be issued. In these cases you must provide the Student Affairs Business Service Center (337, The Commons) with a bank statement showing the charge hitting your account and an email thread or conversation with the vendor that explains the charge. See reimbursement for more information.

When a student organization wants to travel they must first determine funding. If the funding is coming from the SGA then they will have to fill out an SGA allocation request. Once funding is determined the student organization must supply the Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC) in 337, The Commons with the following information:

  • List of the full names and birth dates, and gender of everyone traveling
  • Conference itinerary
  • Trip purpose
  • Cost of flight (airline, flight number, departure/return airport)
  • Liability waiver for adults ages 18+ (one for each adult traveling)
  • Liability waiver for minors (one for each minor traveling)
  • Amount allocated for per diem
  • Departure date
  • Return date
  • Origin
  • Destination
This information is required prior to SABSC filling out an etravel request which is prior to the flight being booked. It takes SABSC 24-48 hours to complete an etravel which means this information must be supplied several business days in advance of booking a flight. After completing the etravel, SABSC will book the flight and send the travel confirmation to the student organization.