There’s so much to do at UMBC! Activities are planned on every night of the week and on weekends, too! UMBC is home to a wide array of fun events for all students, not to mention the diverse selection of events and meetings constantly in progress from many student organizations. In addition, the UMBC community has so much to offer its students — lectures, concerts, visual arts programs, athletic events, recreation and leisure activities, performing arts events, community celebrations – the choices never really end!

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Getting involved in what really excites you will shape your UMBC experience tremendously – branch out and try something new!

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Mindfulness Mondays

A Space to Breath. To Reflect. To Be.


The Center for Well-Being : 103

Date & Time

December 5, 2022, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


Mindfulness is the practice of purposefully bringing one's attention into the present moment without judgment. Join our staff to pause and connect with yourself, others, and the space around you....