Student Events Board

Student Events Board(seb) is the main student programming board at UMBC made up of excited, creative and motivated students who plan, promote and host countless campus events each semester. Anything from live music to weekly movies to bus trips to arts and creative events to comedy shows to breakfast and bingo to Quadmania; (seb) does it all and so much more!

You can find all (seb) events posted on the main Event Calendar, or you can learn more by visiting the (seb) website directly!

Location: The Commons 2B10
Phone: 410-455-3618

Hours : Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Follow seb:
Twitter: @umbcseb

Still not quite sure how to get started connecting to events or groups you’ll enjoy? Our Student Ambassadors are here for just that! Stop by the Campus Life office to start the conversation.