Student Government Association

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The Student Government Association (SGA) facilitates undergraduate students’ participation in creating campus life and building a strong UMBC community. Every undergraduate is an SGA member, and has the opportunity to work through SGA to tackle issues such as sustainability, academic policies, the quality of campus services and the state budget. SGA builds strong relationships with campus partners, including faculty and staff members, so that its work can have the greatest possible impact and likelihood of success.

Joining SGA is a great way to learn about UMBC, connect with other motivated members of the campus community, and build valuable skills in project management, negotiation, financial management, and interpersonal and cross-cultural communication.

UMBC’s SGA has received national recognition for its creativity and impact, including being named by the U.S. Secretary of Education as an outstanding example of ‘next generation’ civic engagement.

To learn more, visit the SGA homepage
Location: The Commons 2B20